Strawberry Shortcake – Big Country Fun

February 14, 2010

Summary: This episode tells two separate stories.  In the first story, Strawberry Shortcake and Angelcake take a job at a dude ranch where they each are in charge of a bunk house.  Angelcake gets overly competitive about the competition between the two bunk houses.  Plum Pudding gets upset because she’s causing her team to lose and the others are frustrated with her.  Plum Pudding ends up rescuing everybody and winning the competition herself.

In the second story, Carmel Corn invites Strawberry to visit her financially struggling farm.  The farm is losing money because the animals are running away, or so Carmel Corn thinks.  They are actually being stolen by Purple Pieman who  wants the land for himself.  Strawberry and friends get the animals back and raise enough money to save the farm.

Theme:  First story: Having fun is more important than winning.  Second story: Don’t quit on your dreams; believe in yourself.

Bad/Hurtful Language:  Plum Pudding once says “oh shoot.” Insults against Plum Pudding, her friends call her “clumsy” and “a disaster.”

Violence: none

Spirituality/Religion: no references

Morality/Ethics: several of the characters  are unkind to Plum Pudding, but they apologize in the end.  Purple Pieman steals and manipulates in order to force Carmel Corn to sell her farm.  He is unrepentant when caught.

Sexuality: none

Educational Value: none

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