Arthur: D.W. On Ice

February 24, 2010

Summary: Emily invites D.W. and her friends to an ice skating party.  D.W. tells everyone that she is a great skater, and offers James skating lessons.  The truth is D.W. can barely skate.  D.W. tries to talk Emily out of a skating party to cover up her lies.  In the end she admits that she lied about being a great skater.  She decides to just have fun at the party regardless of what others think of her skating skills.

Theme:  Don’t worry about what others think, just be yourself.

Bad/Hurtful Language: When D.W. can’t teach James how to skate, she calls James a terrible student.  She later confesses to James that it wasn’t his fault, it was hers.

Violence: D.W. daydreams about catching the Tibbles with a lasso and throwing them to the ground.

Spirituality/Religion: none

Morality/Ethics: The Tibbles destroy D.W.’s snowman.  D.W. tells several lies, first lying about how well she can skate, then lying to try to hide the fact that she cannot skate well.

Sexuality: none

Educational Value: none

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Arthur:  D.W. on Ice