Go, Diego, Go!: Kicho’s Magic Flute

February 19, 2010

Summary:  The evil wizard Dranimal turns into a rat and steals Kicho’s magic flute.  Diego and Kicho track down Dranimal and get back the flute.  Dranimal just wanted the flute to make friends with the animals, so Diego and Kicho help Dranimal to make friends with the animals.

Theme: It is important to have friends.

Bad/Hurtful Language:  none

Violence: none

Spirituality/Religion: Kicho’s magic flute is alive and has the power to make plants grow and to summon animals.  Dranimal is an evil wizard who can turn into any animal.

Morality/Ethics: Dranimal steals Kicho’s magic flute.  In the end Dranimal apologizes for stealing the flute.

Sexuality: none

Educational Value: Diego teaches the viewer a few facts about peregrine falcons.

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