Word Girl: Department Store Tobey

March 1, 2010

Summary: Tobey and Becky (Word Girl) run into each other at a department store.  Tobey reveals to Becky his plan to destroy the city.  Tobey built several robots that he programmed to carry out his plan.   Word Girl stops the robots and saves the day.

Theme: none

Bad/Hurtful language: none

Violence: Word Girl destroys Tobey’s robots.

Spirituality/Religion: none

Morality/Ethics: Becky lies to her dad on several occasions.  She says she is going to a hat club meeting when she is really going to meet Tobey.  She also lies to hide her Word Girl identity.  She also lies about why she was gone so long when she leaves her dad to become Word Girl.

Sexuality: none

Educational value: Vocabulary words: malfunction, clever.

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