Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends: A Time Telling Tale

April 6, 2010

Summary: Squirt is playing with Eddie and is late for dinner because he lost track of time.  Later that night Squirt is late for bed time because he was playing and lost track of time.  The next morning Squirt is late for school because he was web surfing and lost track of time.  Squirt’s parents build a sundial so everyone would know the time.  The sundial helps Squirt, but the day of Eddie’s hatch-day party is cloudy.  Squirt looks at the sundial but it doesn’t tell him the time.  Squirt is late for Eddie’s party.  Eddie forgives him, but Squirt is sad that he missed all the fun.

Theme: It is important to be on time.

Bad/Hurtful Language: none

Violence: none

Spirituality/Religion: none

Morality/Ethics: Squirt is apologetic for his chronic lateness.  Everyone forgives him but does encourage him to be on time for things.

Sexuality: none

Educational Value: none

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