Maya and Miguel: The Autograph

April 4, 2010

Summary: Maya and Miguel’s parrot Paco takes Miguel’s favorite baseball card, an Orlando Flores card, and accidentally flushes it down the toilet.  Maya feels responsible and wants to replace the card, but it is too expensive.  When Maya, Miguel, Chrissy, Tito, and Abuela go to a baseball game, Maya tries to get Orlando Flores’ autograph to replace the baseball card.  Maya and Miguel ultimately sneak on the field in the mascot’s costume.  Although the do not get the autograph this way and get in trouble, they do get the autograph when Abuela traded the home run ball that she caught for an autograph.

Bad/Hurtful Language: none

Violence: Abuela accidentally hits a man.  A mob of fans accidentally tramples a man.

Spirituality/Religion: none

Morality/Ethics: Maya lies by telling a security guard that she is a reporter.  She also lies to get the mascot costume and sneak on the field.  Maya, Chrissy, and Tito impersonate a singing group to get on the field.

Sexuality: none

Educational value: Many Spanish language words and phrases are used throughout the episode.

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Maya and Miguel