Olivia: Olivia Goes Camping

April 1, 2010

Summary: Francine joins Olivia’s family on a camping trip.  She does not want to go camping, but she has to because her parents are out-of-town and Olivia’s family agrees to babysit her.  During the camping trip, Olivia shares her five must do activities for the weekend.  1.  Watch dad try to put up the tent.  2.  Go mountain climbing.  3.  Get dirty.  4.  Find a really cool bug.  5.  Find the perfect stick for roasting marshmallows.  As Olivia and Francine complete the list, Francine discovers that she likes camping.  Everyone has a great time.

Theme: Camping is fun.  It is good to try new things.

Bad/Hurtful Language: none

Violence: none

Spirituality/Religion: none

Morality/Ethics: none

Sexuality: none

Educational Value: none

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