Super Why!: The Princess and the Pea

March 16, 2010

Summary: Princess Pea needs to solve a puzzle to pass her test to become a Jr. Princess.  She is worried that she won’t pass.  The other Super Readers help her.  They jump into the book The Princess and the Pea to find the super letters and to find out how her mother passed her test (Princess Pea is the daughter of the princess in the book The Princess and the Pea).  The Super Readers help the princess in the book pass her test.   The super letters spell out the word smart.  Princess Pea learns that she needs to show that she’s smart to pass her test.  She solves the puzzle and passes her test.

Bad/Hurtful Language: none

Violence: none

Spirituality/Religion: none

Morality/Ethics: none

Sexuality: none

Educational Value: This episode focuses on the alphabet, rhyming -ink words, and spelling.

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