Word Girl: Tobey or Consequences

March 7, 2010

Summary:  Tobey and his giant robots are causing problems downtown.  Word Girl calls Tobey’s mom to stop him, but she only reaches the babysitter.  Word Girl and Tobey agree to compete in a game show to decide the fate of the city.  If Word Girl wins, Tobey will shut down his robots.  If Tobey wins, Word Girl will allow them to destroy the city.  Word girl wins, but Tobey refuses to shut down his robots.  Captain Huggy Face shuts down the robots with a remote control he got from Tobey’s house.

Theme: none

Bad/Hurtful Language: none

Violence:  Word Girl destroys some of Tobey’s robots.

Spirituality/Religion: None

Morality/Ethics: Becky lies to her father about why she is following the robot.  Tobey lies about why he wants Word Girl’s autograph.  He also doesn’t keep his word about shutting down the robots after he loses the game show.  Tobey also lies about the robots to his mom.

Sexuality:  Nothing explicit, however the narrator reveals that Tobey has a secret crush on Word Girl.  The narrator also reveals that Word Girl has a secret crush, but he doesn’t say the person on whom she has a crush.

Educational Value: There are no specific vocabulary words like there are in later episodes, but various words are defined.

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