Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: Happy Chinese New Year

March 25, 2010

Summary: Kai-lan and her friends are excited because it is Chinese New Year.  Ye Ye makes a dragon for Kai-lan and her friends to carry in the parade.  Everyone draws numbers to decide what part of the dragon they will carry.  Rintoo is upset when he draws the middle of the dragon.  He thinks that job is not important, so he quits the team.  Kai-lan convinces Rintoo that his job is very important.  Rintoo returns to the team and they carry the dragon in the parade.

Theme: Teamwork–every job on a team is important.

Bad/Hurtful Language: none

Violence: none

Spirituality/Religion: none

Morality/Ethics: Rintoo quits the team.  He later returns to the team and apologizes for quitting.

Sexuality: none

Educational Value: The viewer is taught the Mandarin Chinese word for “red”, and the phrase for “happy Chinese New Year.”  The viewer is also taught the Mandarin Chinese characters for the numbers 1 through 5.  Some of the customs of Chinese New Year are also taught.

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Ni Hao Kai-Lan