Caillou: Big Brother Caillou

Summary: This episode has four segments.  In between each segment are puppet scenes and people scenes.   These scenes reinforce the theme of the episode.  I am only reviewing the Caillou scenes.

Segment 1:  Caillou’s mom has a business meeting to attend.  She asks Caillou to help his dad take care of things while she’s gone.  Caillou helps take care of his sister Rosie, since his dad does not know her normal routine.

Segment 2:  Caillou does not want to  share his toys with Rosie.  Rosie begins to cry, so Caillou shares so he won’t get in trouble.  Caillou complains to his dad that Rosie takes all of his toys.  His dad explains that Rosie is little and he should play with her and share.  Caillou makes Rosie a fort in hopes that she will play by herself.  They end up playing hide and seek and have fun.

Segment 3:  Caillou, Rosie, and Dad are driving.  Caillou and Rosie are not getting along.  The car breaks down and Rosie begins to cry.  Caillou comforts Rosie.  The car is towed to a garage where it is fixed.  They all make it to the restaurant for a meal with Mom.

Segment 4:  Caillou and Rosie spend the night at their grandparents house.  Caillou and Rosie argue about who gets to sleep on the top bunk.  Caillou is given permission to sleep on the top bunk, but when he gets up there he is nervous about sleeping there.  He ends up sleeping on the bottom bunk with Rosie.

Theme: Sibling relationships can be hard at times, but it is nice to have a sibling.  Older siblings can feel good about taking care of their younger siblings.

Bad/Hurtful Language: none

Violence: none

Morality/Ethics: Caillou purposely wakes up Rosie during her nap  because he is bored.  He appears to lie about why he did this to his dad.

Sexuality: none

Educational value: none

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One Response to Caillou: Big Brother Caillou

  1. Ron says:

    Caillou does instill educational and social values quite well. Especially when it comes to sibling rivalry, he can teach us a few lessons. Our store carries a wide variety of Caillou books and Caillou DVDs that touch upon these topics.

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