Cyberchase: Totally Rad

Summary: The Hacker goes to Radopolis (a planet of skaters) and takes the throne from King Dudeicus.  The Hacker outlaws skating, which makes the residents unhappy.  The Cyberchase kids challenge Hacker to a skate-off.   If the kids win, Hacker must leave Radopolis.  Hacker keeps changing the dimensions of the skate-off field, which makes it harder for the kids to compete.  The kids eventually realize that while Hacker’s changes keep the perimeter the same distance, the area inside of the perimeter is smaller.   With this knowledge they are able to adjust, turn the tables on Hacker’s team, and win the skate-off.

Theme:  The kids use geometry to help them win the skate-off.

Bad/Hurtful Language: The Hacker calls Digit a silly looking turkey.  He also calls his sidekicks pathetic.  He also calls Inez a “tiny tot,” which make her angry.

Violence: none

Spirituality/Religion: none

Morality/Ethics: The Hacker steals the throne away from the rightful king.  Hacker is an unkind king.

Sexuality: none

Educational Value: The episode explains rectangles and that  the perimeter around may remain constant while the area of the rectangle changes.

To learn more about Cyberchase the series, click here.

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